chloe. i live a sasha banks appreciation life and i hope to be emma in the near future.


shoutout to my mutuals that i don’t really talk to y’all still cool


i haven’t really talked with her ever, but from what i’ve seen on the dash, i can assume that she’s a rad gal and her love for alberto del rio interests me bc deep down inside i also love him so like, cool bro.



I want this version for my car


ah what a great person whitney is. she’s cool (i use that word too often wow), very easy to talk to, and not to mention, her blog is like perfect. and i do hope we get to talk more in the future :)

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itseulonzobitch, although I think you already did mine already. :P

well it doesn’t hurt to do it again :3

i think you are a real nice person and a very cool one at that. you’re posts never seem to not amaze me and yeah c: stay rad, man.

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send me a tumblr user’s url and I’ll tell you what I think of them


my celebrity crushes always start with “who the hell is this” and always turn into “that’s his right nostril I can tell”